Interview of Phillip the Program Manager

By Lucy



Q. How long have you worked at CASA?

A. Four years. Two as a teacher, two as a program manager.


Q. What do you like about CASA?

A. I manage the CASA staff. I make sure all the campers are having fun, and I deal with parent interactions.


Q. What classes have you taught?

A. In the past I have taught soccer, Basketball, CASA blog, team games, watermania, and I’ve dabbled with cooking.


Q. What is… your favourite colour?

A. Blue. A classic.

Dogs vs. Cats

By Thomas


I want to interview 50 people to see which they prefer better cats or dogs.

I think dogs will be more popular than cats.


30 dogs 20 cats


What i found out in this survey is that out of the 50 kids 20 chose cats while 30 chose dogs. This shows my assumption that more people would chose dogs than cats so if we assume that the rest of casa is like that 60% of casa likes dogs more and 40% like cats more. (Which is disappointing in my opinion).


In a another study 74% people liked dogs while 41% liked cats so casa is similar to that survey that people like dogs more than cats. This didn’t surprise me at all because in my friend circles more people liked dogs than cats.

CASA – A Narrative Non-Fiction Story

By Zoe


As I walk out of my room in the morning as drowsy as could be and walked down into the kitchen, I hear “Good morning sunshine! Ready for camp?” in my mom’s tone of voice. I woke up in that very second as scared a toddler meeting a ‘monster’ for the first time because I’ve never been to a camp before! I was freaking out as I suddenly remembered that my best friend was coming with me! Everything was going to be alright, and I wouldn’t have to worry!


“Oh yeah, mom it’ll be fun since I’ll have a friend there!” I said  but the reply wasn’t very good. “Sweetie, Sanya is sick she isn’t going to casa.” my mom said “Then I’m not going!” I said as I ran upstairs in tears. I buried myself in a blanket, pillow and stuffed animals fort that I made quickly. As I forgot time, my mom came in and sat next to me. “Sweetie, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to but  I’d be really happy if you did. And, I heard something about an ice cream truck. When I come pick you up we can get some even if there isn’t an ice cream truck.” As I layed there thinking my mom rubbed my back. “Only if you promise to pick me up right away and we get ice cream.” I wiped my eyes and picked out some clothes kind of doubting this.


After I got ready, I got in the car with my mom and we drove to Casa. We got to the front door and someone named Phillip said “Hi what’s your name?” too afraid to talk   my mom said “This is Cally!” Then, Phillip took us to my clubhouse. My mom signed me in and stayed to draw with me for about 5 minutes. Then she said “Have fun, I’ll see you later alligator!” gave me a hug and then left.


I drew an alligator just because my mom said that. After I finished my alligator, I went to the cafeteria to go to my first class which was arts and crafts with Miles and Lindsey. I made a friendship bracelet for my mom, one for my dad, myself and sister. I also made a collar for my cat and dog.


Next was pottery with Peter, Andrew, Naomi, and Vera. I started making my family a cookie jar. Peter was singing…… A LOT! He was pretty funny and good at pottery too! I’m going to glaze this jar purple and blue.


Now, I’m eating lunch while Phillip walks around acting crazy as can be. Yup, today when my mom asks me what I learned is is the answer “I learned that  Phillip is really silly!” Now I’m going back to pottery.


A few hours later, I’m home explaining everything to my parents. They were thrilled. Today I figured out that summer camp- well casa is really fun and I wanna go back forever! So, if I were you I would definitely go to casa every summer!

Some Activities in my Classes

By Lucy


In my first class, Tiles And Mosaics, we have been creating clay tiles and charms to string on chains. Our teachers are Andrew and Peter. We are glazing our pieces currently.


In my second class, Painting, we have been painting pictures using all sorts of materials, tempera paints, watercolor paints, and a variety of brushes. For fun we tell spooky stories while we paint.


In my third class, Jewelry Making, we have been creating bracelets out of popsicle sticks, as well as stringing beads on chains.


In my fourth class, CASA blog, we have been writing and filming for the camp blog.



By Dori


Today I took pictures of Philip, He was very surprised!       

                                         . .



DSCN8924DSCN8921.JPGWhat are you doing?           




Thats it!