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Welcome to the CASA Blog for the 2017 summer! We’re excited to have a new team of writers and photographers! Stay tuned for posts that we’ve been working on and remember to check out the About Us section to learn about the blog team!


Crazy Story

Crazy Story

By Simone


There was a little monster named Dog. She had a pet dog named Human Golb. One day a Big tae-kwon-do giant (named Eban Volcano) came into their backyard and said he wanted to play with their giant venus fly trap and take it home, and if they didn’t he would shoot them with his weapon called the terrifiying RaCasDiSoph. It shot poisonous sushi rolls and Haley’s hair. They hesitated but they decided that they would or THEY WOULD DIE!!! Sooooo, they danced and played until the end of this story. Eban Volcano actually kept their giant venus fly trap in the end (with their permission,) and was very happy.

Mary The Magazine

Mary the Magazine

By Cassidy


“Ahhh!” Mary screamed as she fell down towards the giant spiky teeth. She closed her eyes and…


Chapter 1- Morning


Mary the magazine awoke to the slamming of the front door.  Finally the humans were gone! Now she could go exploring! First she walked out of her bedroom (which is actually a cabinet). Then she got her exploring bag and went to go exploring.


Chapter 2- Out of the Bedroom


Mary walked out of the bedroom that she lived in, and looked around. The bedroom is the second level of the house, so naturally Mary had explored all of the rooms on the second floor. Today she decided to go on to the third floor for the first time. She walked up the stairs and gasped…


Chapter 3- The Third floor

“A balcony!” Mary exclaimed, “ I love balconies!” She threw open the door and walked out onto the balcony. For the first time in her life, she was outside! She looked around New York City. There were so many tall buildings! Mary climbed up onto the railing to see better. Then she had a great idea, she should jump off of the railing!


The Egg

The Egg

By Dima

   During the Dinosaur age, a dinosaur egg was laid but never hatched. After millions and millions of years, humans built a Nuclear Factory. By now so much dirt piled up on the egg. When they were building the factory, they dug massive holes for the pipes to go through. But one day, when they were doing an important test on a plutonium rod, all the radiation went into the hole. By now the egg had lots of cracks and little holes. He absorbed so much radiation his brain turned on again. He gained radioactive super powers. Super strength, and the ability to be as solid as anything he touches at his will. His face got severely deformed, and became the size of a giant. He roared as he grew out of his egg. People evacuated the factory, and he ran to the city and started destroying the buildings, as he trampled the civilians trying to escape. He grabbed buildings and smashed them together. He caused havoc. But a team of scientists discovered his possible weakness. Since dinosaurs have such small arms, they can’t swim. So the scientists went to a boating dock and got a sailor to drive a boat out in the water. The T-rex found the boat, and drowned once he tried to swim.


               The End


                             By: Dima                     Illustrator : No illustrations


                                                        0 0



Candy Investigation Poll

Candy Vote                    by Dima


I took a poll about which candies were CASA teacher’s favourites. Of the candies that I listed, the favourite candy was Twix, which surprised me because I thought that M&M’s or Starbursts would win. I was also surprised that gummy bears only had 1 vote. 5 people chose other, and  suggested that I put in Snickers, Kit Kats, and Reese’s peanut butter cups. My personal favourite candy are Jolly Ranchers.   


The Chronicles of the Mutant

The Chronicles of the Mutant         

By: Dima


One time in a small town everyone was happy with their life and enjoyed being themselves. Nothing bad happened. It was perfect. Except for one old man. This wasn’t a regular man at all. When he was a child, he got teased and bullied on every move he took. He hated his life. When he was a teenager, he injected himself with this chemical that caused him to mutate into a monster. But he got 1 advantage. He got super brain powers that allowed him to create amazing and crazy inventions at his will. After a few years, after he gave that shot to himself, all of his family left the house because he terrorized them everyday. Even though that injection covered him in anger and uncontrollable rage, he still had deep and sad emotions about them leaving him. He felt depressed. He was so sad and felt so lonely. He ran from town far away in the middle of the night to create a new home. Once he created his new home, he slowly drifted to sleep. He dreamt of something he’d secretly been thinking of the second he injected that chemical…

Ruling his Town.

When he got up in the morning, he started planning his ultimate creation. He ran back into town and with his strength, he broke into a top secret lab that tests new chemicals introduced to science. He stole one of the chemicals in the testing room. Then he broke out again, and went back to his base. He took a drop of the chemical, and observed the results. He felt different. Very different. He felt confused on why the results went like this. But then he realized what it’s done to him. Whenever he feels an emotion, he gets the powers of that emotion. When he felt confused, he felt like he couldn’t remember or understand anything. It was like he was a toddler. Once he figured this out, he tried making himself angry. He felt hyper. Even more stronger than he was before. He then drank the whole glass.. These powers got an advantage. Now he could extend any limb as far as he wants! He completely forgot  about his family leaving him. Rage was seeking within him. He felt more evil than ever. He brainstormed his new mission. Destroying the Sun. He bolted around the city, collecting any electronics he could get his hands on. But it was getting late. Really late. He went to the town square to build it. His parents, wheezing and all worn out, saw what their son was doing. “Stop! No! Please don’t do this!” But his memory of his parents was no more….


The End

Favorite Style of Food

Poll Question: What is your favorite style of food?

By: Rachel Kolko


  • Jonathan said Polish food.
  • Sam said Ethiopian food.
  • Both Joe and Hannah said they like Italian food.
  • Phillip and Julia both said Mexican.
  • Tan and Matt said Japanese.
  • Sarah said Thai.
  • Faith, Emily, and Ellington all said Chinese food.
  • Lindsey said Greek food.


                               Above, the results of this poll


I went around CASA and asked people what their favorite styles of food were. My personal favorite would have to be Japanese food. The most popular answer is Chinese food. The less popular styles of food among the counselors each had only one vote. They are, Polish food, Ethiopian food, Thai food, Greek food, and Mediterranean food.    

Rachel’s Photography Wild Card


Rachel Kolko

  • Ask what they are making
  • Take pictures of the ingredients
  • Take photos of them cooking



In better than “easy bake” the campers were making devil’s food cake. Here are some photos of them collecting, baking, and mixing the ingredients.


There is one photo of another dessert that the group made the day before. They made a gooey cheese bread with a tomato sauce to dip it in.


The campers were stirring the ingredients to get just the right texture. Then they scooped the cupcake batter into the pan. That’s why they have batter all over their fingers.


They said that the batter was perfect, (and that it tastes just right,) so it was ready to be put in the oven. The campers seemed super impatient. They couldn’t wait until their sweet treat would be ready to eat.

Caramelized Zucchini

Caramelized Zucchini

By Rachel Kolko


  The annual “Sticky Owl Race” at Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry is tomorrow. Harry and Ron are preparing their owls. The race is for each witch or wizard, with their wands, to guide the owls through an obstacle course. Each participant must get their owl through the course without getting them stuck in either chocolate frogs, super sticky strawberries, (especially made by hippogriffs,) or caramelized zucchini.

  The next morning Harry and Ron awoke to the sound of their owls squawking at them. “Hedgwig what is it?” Harry asked lazily. Ron checked the clock and jolted out of bed.

  “Harry we’re late! We’ve forgot to turn the alarm on.” Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas looked confused.

  “What’s all the fuss about?” Seamus sleepily questioned the others.

  Harry replied, “Get dressed, we’re late for the race.” Everybody rushed to collect all their materials for the day.



               .    .    .


“Sorry we’re late.” Ron panted as he stumbled onto the field where the competition took place.

  “Get in your positions for the race.” Madam Hootch barked. Harry and Ron each took out their wands. “Take your mark, and go!” The sound of her whistle screeched. The owls were now soaring above the contestants, swooping around the sticky obstacles. Suddenly, Crabbe, and Goyle, barged through the stadium on Go-karts towards Harry, knocking him off his feet and making him stumble to the ground. Malfoy bursts out laughing. He was planning to get Harry out of the race so he would win. Harry’s wand is nearly destroyed. He scrambles to his feet just in time to catch falling Hedgwig who has flown into a glob of caramelized zucchini. Crabbe, and Goyle now have tears in their eyes because they thought it was hysterical.

  Ron and Hermione rush to help Harry to his feet. “Mr. Potter,” Madam Hootch says, “You are out of the race.”

  Malfoy glances at Harry and makes a face at him.
  “If Malfoy wins, I’ll be haunted by this for a week.” Harry murmurs t

Casa Blog Session 4 Group Story

Session 4 Group Story


Introduction: Dima

The consciousness of trees and zucchini has been a secret for thousands of years. At night they lurk on the streets all over the country to battle and claim their turf. One out of 2,000 of the zucchini plants has a special ability. That one is the group leader. The group leader’s special ability is a zombie touch. If the group leader touches a tree, that tree becomes one of them. The tree’s oldest tree has the special power of shooting their sap which will paralyze the zucchini and leave them to slowly rot away.


Rachel: Rising Action


One day while the vicious zucchini were out hunting with their pack, it spotted something in the distance. “Follow me, it could be the oldest tree.” The Leader zucchini said in a whisper. In unison, the zucchinis crept towards the mysterious object. While they tip – toed, the group leader zapped trees and they joined the zucchini army. “Shhh. We don’t want whatever that thing is to know we’re here.” All of the zucchinis started to circle the object until it looked up from what it was doing. “Run! Save yourselves!” Shouted the leader zucchini. The pack started running and the thing followed. It had large claws and toenails as long as your arm. It turned out to be a . . .


Climax: Simone

haywire hippogriff robot.

They found out it spoke english but the zucchini stared at them while they were talking and shouted “guys! Just a second ago we were screaming and shouting because we were scared and now we are talking to that monster!” “Oh right” they said. Then the screaming resumed. Then a real Hippogriff flew over and started attacking them while squawking “STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!” The zucchinis tried to explain but she did not listen. Later, a little while into the battle the zucchinis admitted defeat. The mother hippogriff who was now satisfied flew away with her son and vowed to have more revenge. The pack walked back and started to plan.

Falling Action: Teachers

The defeat and misunderstanding of the zucchini clan was demoralizing. Many light green leafy stalks of zucchini humanity were lost. The zucchinis feared that the hippogriff would soon return due to its ravenous and aggressive nature and battle tactics. The defeat was a new start. The special zucchini with the zombie touch ordered for a meeting. During the meeting, the eldest tree lethargically made its way to the meeting, alone and unarmed. The zucchinis and eldest tree knew that if their people worked together, that they would not be terrorized by the hippogriff. Although upset with the idea of working together, they would create peace, as well as ease the feud between the two organisms. Their only question was if they should take out the hippogriff, or make peace with it? The special zucchini knew exactly which option would be the be the best.

Resolution: Class

The zucchini’s and the tree decided to make peace with the hippogriff. So the eldest tree and the special zucchini came up with the plan to come with no reinforcements and no weapons either, so the hippogriff wouldn’t attack them. The trees and zucchini climbed into the hang-gliders and to the hippogriff’s lair. The zucchini’s and trees brought along a special box of chocolate caramel to also give to the hippogriffs along with their peace treaty. The hippogriff was surprised to see them at first, but stopped once she caught a whiff of the caramels. She was really grateful because no one gave her any gifts because they were so scared of her and she was really lonely except for her son. The secret of the zucchini’s and tree’s consciesnceness for thousands of years came to a close, and everybody finally lived in peace and harmony




By: Casa Blog, Session 4

Session 4 Group Story

By Dima (Introduction and Resolution), Rachel (Rising Action and Resolution), Cassidy (Resolution), Simone (Climax and Resolution), Evan (Falling Action and Resolution), and Haley (Resolution)

The consciousness of trees and zucchini has been a secret for thousands of years. At night they lurk on the streets all over the country to battle and claim their turf. One out of 2,000 of the zucchini plants has a special ability. That one is the group leader. The group leader’s special ability is a zombie touch. If the group leader touches a tree, that tree becomes one of them. The tree’s oldest tree has the special power of shooting their sap which will paralyze the zucchini and leave them to slowly rot away.

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