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Dear readers,

Welcome to the CASA Blog for the 2018 summer! We’re excited to have a new team of writers and photographers being Evan and Michael! Stay tuned for posts that we’ve been working on for not only the Casa Blog class but for many other classes this summer. Remember to check out the About Us section to learn about the blog team! Also CLK will get daily uploads starting the week of July the 2nd.


Hayes Cooper’s Blog Posts

Electric Alaska (Short Story)       

                                   By Hayes


Two snow hares stood side by side in a snow-covered valley. Wind whipped through their thick fur. The dark sky was a sign that the snow season was coming.

“It will start snowing soon.” said one of the hares, lifting her nose to the sky “We should start heading home.”

“But Flicker!” whined the smaller one “Can’t we stay out here a little longer?!” Flicker shook her head.

“I’m sorry Pine, but if we stay out here longer we might freeze!” The gray speckles on Flicker’s back shifted as a flurry of snow headed towards her. Pine glared at the snow starting to drift peacefully down to the ground.

“When we get home we can snuggle up by the fire and get warm.” Pine considered his mother’s words before muttering: “I guess it would be nice to get warm……”

Soon white and gray dappled fur pounded across the valley towards a hollowed out fallen oak tree.

Once they were inside the log they scampered to a hole in the log. Flicker stepped aside to let Pine jump in first before following. Inside the hole was dark and the smell of  ivy hung in the air. Tiny cracks in the ceiling let little spurts of light filter through.

The two hares padded confidently following a path worn smooth by paws steps.

Soon the tunnel was lit with a glowing light. A wall of ivy appeared. How the hares kept it alive? No one got the chance to ask. Pine brushed through the leaves followed closely by his mother. When they reached the end of the ivy the glowing light stopped and they were left in darkness once more. Flicker looked around in concern. Suddenly a blue flash of lightning lit up the room. When it cleared the hares were gone.

Hayes’s Memoir

When i was four my dad said to me: “You should climb the holly tree now” We have a holly tree in our yard. I didn’t think i could, but my family told me that i could do it! So one summer day i went up to the tree and  said:” you’d better let me climb you, tree.” Then i started to climb. After a few branches i realized that climbing that holly tree was not so hard. So i climbed, and  climbed, and climbed. Day after day i woke up and climbed that tree. Each day my parents would take a picture of me on a new branch. By the time i was six i could climb to the top of the tree and climb down backwards.

The End


Favorite Color (Poll)

I did a poll on people’s favorite color. As you can see, blue, pink, green, turquoise, and red all got two votes. Those were the more popular colors. My personal favorite color has to be green.  

Hayes chart



Nico Roaf’s Blog Posts

The Excited Cactus (Short Story)

Once upon a time there was a cactus named jackson. He lived in hawaii. Jackson was very excited about everything. In 1945 jackson saw the bombing of japan. He also saw pearl harbor. At the same time another cactus told him just one word RUN so he ran  for his life. But it was too late he got blasted to space. He battled the aliens from the x files with lightsabers. The cactus borrowed a spaceship to get back to earth. He learned the who told him to run was dead. THE END


Favorite foods


Burgers 1

Pizza 3


Chicken wings 1

Other food 7

NicoR chart

I made a bar graph about everyone’s favorite food. My favorite food is burgers. Many people chose other foods. Surprisingly no one picked cake as their favorite.


Moving to Poland (Memoir)


When I was four I moved to poland for two years. I hardly remember what it like before that. The plane lasted six hours to get to poland. My brother and sister were in middle school. The biggest crow in the world lives in poland. We went to poland because my dad needed to. I went to a school called ASW. Back then I was a big fan of godzilla, even though I didn’t have any godzilla toys. I had three birthdays in poland. When I left I was six. And  that’s my life in poland

Nicolas Hensal

Bruce Springsteen (Character Description)

Bruce Springsteen is the lead singer and guitarist in the e street band. Bruce springsteen was born on September 23, 1949. Bruce is one of the best singers of all time and  that shows because all of his concerts were sold out, ALL OF THEM. Bruce was also famous for incorporating a tenor saxophonist into the modern rock style that he played with the rest of the band. In my opinion the saxophonist is the best part of his music. Even when bruce got older he was still popular with the people from his time whiched passed on his music to the next generation. An example is when bruce played at the tonys and  received an award. In my opinion Bruce springsteen is the best single of all time.


The Extravagant Cucumber

The extravagant cucumber arrived at the casino ready to have a night of fun. “Ah what a beautiful casino i’m ready for it, i hope it’s ready for me” the cucumber said with a sharp look. As the cucumber walked into the casino two men approached him. “Hello, can i help you” the cucumber said with a nervous tone of voice. “ yes you actually can help us” the two men said. “ where’s my daughter” the two men said and then the cucumber started running. The guards tried to stop the two men they were too fast for them and  when the police got here it’s was too late the cucumber has gone, know one knows where.


Nicolas’ Photo Descriptions

This is the fourth period cooking class taught by Faith and Martha. In my opinion it is a very fun and useful class that will prepare for the rest of your life and you make great food doing it as well. The way of how organized the kitchen is is amazing considering cooking can get a little messy. I find it amazing how they are always engaged to the task at hand but that’s what happens when you are making good food.

Nicolas cooking.JPG

This is the sheridan mural. This mural does not represent casa but sheridan is the bed of Casa. In other words Casa right now would be nothing without sheridan. I have been going to casa for 5 years and this mural was welcoming for me and reassured me that this would be a fun camp.

Nicolas mural.JPG

This is the painting next to the door facing the turf field . If you haven’t noticed that Casa or sheridan is full of art. It really makes the whole place kind of like a home.

Nicolas space


Jillian Strait’s Blog Posts

The library in the mansion (Short Story)

Once there was a girl named tabitha. her grandma had been a actress once upon a time.she couldn’t figure out what to do with all her money,but after the movie ended,didn’t exactly have a home,so he bought a colossal could get lost in the linens closet it was so big! Despite her old age of 85,her grandma was now a runner since at the time,not many old women were wanted in action day,tabitha decided to explore the library but first,let me tell you why.tabitha loved nancy drew novels and her grandma shaedthe interest,and the library held every mystery by carolyn keene.tabitha,an orphan to a car accident,lived with her to the bright sunday morning,hours past, and  according to the watch it had been around eleven. needless to say,tabitha wasnt much of a social butterfly.night fell.she had thought that a thunderstorm was going to come but never actually expected it.there she was desperatley trying to find the doors hearing her grandma calling her for dinner,yet helplessly lost.

The library was HUGE,and  without light,amazingly hard to find the wayout of. Tabitha wandered and wandered.her stomach began to churn.she felt a pain i her side .she fell down dead as a doorknob.her eyes opened.the pain in her stomach was her grandma poking her awake.her watch read 6:00 pm.the last time she saw her watch was 1:30 pm.her grandma led her to the table for dinner.with a small smile,”ill keep this one to myself she thought”  



Third grade was the worst year of my life.i was bullied,teased,and tormented. Every week i went to talk with the counselor  about what was happening .it was mostly horrible notes,names,and not being able to turn a corner without another child popping out and  cursing at mom told me if a boy teases you he likes you.would you call someone a b word and then expect you to like them back? I think not!  people told me if i kept listening to them id end up with felt like there was no one i could rely on,no one who would actually go a whole sentence without calling me some horrible.the school trash can outside overflowed with the notes that people left i my backpack. A couple people even went as far to tell me the world would be a better place with me not in it. The worst note actually said,why are you here? Meet me at the top of the statue of liberty.i’ll push you off. I cried for a while. One time someone said they were coming for me.i told my mom and  dad only the things i wanted them to time while i was getting water,some jerk smacked me. I met these two kids who really helped me get through it. My two best friends whiley and sara. they stood up for me every chance possible . one time i was going to audition for our schools play, one kid told me that i was to fat to audition and sara told him he better not audition either,’cause they didn’t want made me feel so much better. That just goes to show how much a friend means.


Whats your favorite animal?    

Cats porcupine black panther pink river dolphin  all animals dogs dolpin dog otter blobfish all animals

Jillian chart

Sahar Giovacchini’s Blog Posts

My first spelling lesson (Memoir)

I remember this moment quite well, I am clinging on to my mother’s leg, she is standing at the refrigerator, probably a bit annoyed that I was sitting on her foot. “Mamma,how do you spell cat?” I inquired “C” I say proudly “a…” she said slowly “t” she said, spilling grapes all over the floor “Thank you Mamma!” I announce while running off to destroy her jewelry and put her lipstick all over my face. Even now I remember that moment (and how to spell cat) and I will for the rest of my life.


Favorite environment (Poll)


Arctic : Evan,Sam Eli Karinna

Jungle Wiliam

Grassland Aurelian



Mountain Charlie,Talia

Forest Hayes

Ocean/Lake/River/any body of water Klara Olivia

City Jillian


I (Sahar) made this chart although no one else voted for it the desert remains my favorite.

Sahar poll


The athletic I-pod (Short Story

An I-pod squirmed for freedom,but he was stuck at the end of his cord. He heard crying “Jenny,” a tired voice said “go play on one of phones!” the I-pod was offended, first, he could not move and  second, he was called a phone, he was an I-pod and proud of it,he would not be called a phone. As the child got closer he quickly snapped back into position.”Nu nu grrish!” the child strained and jumped. Once she figured out she could not  do it she started screaming.After a while the father came and took her out of the store. After another 4 hours of hustle and bustle, the store was closed and finally he could move.

Klara Young’s Blog Posts

Disney Princess (Poll)

This is a pie chart on people’s favorite Disney Princesses. I am not that surprised that Mulan won but I am surprised that princesses like Cinderella and  Tiana and Pocahontas didn’t get any votes. My favorite Disney Princess is Ariel and she only got one vote (from me) as did a lot of other princesses.

Klara chart


Sparkly Badger Mermaid

Klara Young

One day Laila, Eli, and  Charlie were all at a camp in Michigan. It was first session and they all just became friends. Laila has 2 dogs and a pet chameleon. Eli is allergic to all animals except for weird ones that people normally forget about. Charlie had 1 cat. So they decided to take a little walk in the woods after their camp finished. They went on one of the trails and  they saw people walking by them so they thought that they were all fine and and then about 15 minutes later they didn’t see anyone else walking on the trail. They all decided to ignore that. They were talking the whole time and then Charlie saw a little creek and asked if they could all go see and it and they all went to see it. Eli saw something really sparkly on a rock, like if someone was sitting on the rock all covered in glitter. Than the thing jumped into the water and  they all started to walk away. Charlie turned back around just to look if it was back again and Charlie saw something where they were just standing. Charlie tapped Laila and Eli’s shoulders. They both turned around and all of them got closer to the thing. They were all very confused. The thing didn’t see them so they tried not to make noise. Laila is a very smart girl so she told them that it was a badger but it looked like someone poured glitter on it. The badger turned around, but didn’t move. They saw it was a sparkly badger and  got closer. The badger seemed like a nice badger and didn’t hurt anyone. They saw that it was a badger but it was incredibly sparkly. The badger got scared so jumped in the water. And it got a mermaid tail when it jumped in. it was a color changing pink to blue to purple to red tail. Charlie wanted to name him Terry. Everyone liked that name a lot so the badger was named Terry. They thought that they frightened the sparkly-badger-mermaid s they all went home. The next day they all came back and the badger was there again. Laila went to the badger and Terry was like a dog. Terry cuddled and  played and slept around just like a dog. Terry was like a dog but at the same time very different. So the next day Laila brought her dog Ivy to play and Ivy and Terry ended up dating and not so soon after ended up getting married. And they had little sparkly black-white lab mermaid puppies. Then they all lived ~




  • Actors who played James Bond ~ Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore,  Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby, David Niven, Barry Nelson, Johnny Walker
  • James Bond is a British secret agent whose number is 007 (double o seven)
  • The first James Bond movie was in 1953
  • The James Bond movie series is 53 years old
  • 24 James Bond movies have made it to the movies so far ~ Dr. No (1962) the first one, was releases November 6th 2015
  • Seven actors have played 007 (But 9 screen Bonds)


  • In the 17th movie 006 becomes evil (double o six)

                                        No More Spoilers

  • James Bond, in the most deadly situations, doesn’t die
  • The movies are rated PG 13
  • Sean Connery wore a toupee in all of the films when he played James Bond
  • James Bond killed 352 people in the movies
  • The creator of James Bond was a spy
  • The name James Bond came from Dr. James Bond who was in a bird watching book the creator had handy
  • The creator of James Bond’s name is Ian Fleming
  • Sean Bean auditioned for the James Bond movies and  the writers say that they would’ve killed the James Bond that Sean Bean played
  • Bob Simmons is a stuntman and the person who is in the opening gun barrel part for the first three James Bond movies
  • The five pilots in the movie Goldfinger were actually men wearing wigs
  • A lot of Bond fans say that Bind was based off of Ian Fleming ~ they both preferred coffee to tea, smoked the same kind of cigarettes, were commanders in the British Navy, and preferred their martinis shaken – not stirred. Fleming was also a spy. Once he was recruited into naval intelligence, he became the personal assistant to Admiral John Godfrey
  • President JFK was partly responsible for James Bond’s success


Klara Gets a Surprise French Bulldog Puppy!

By Klara Young


At the beginning of the story, Klara had swim practice. Klara was getting ready so of course she was eating  a snack. Klara’s mom picked her up in her dad’s car that day. Klara asked her mom why and Klara’s mom said her dad was doing something with her mom’s car and hadn’t come back yet. So let’s get back on track. Klara was talking with her mom and Anna, her  older sister who is 15 and Klara’s mom heard Klara’s dad’s car pull up on her driveway but she couldn’t see the car because there was the garage which was blocking the view. Klara said `“Finally dad got here” and Anna agreed with her.

   So later on, Klara’s mom went out to the car and of course Anna was eating something so she was wondering to the pantry and then 10 seconds later Klara’s mom walked in but with something. Klara didn’t know what her mom was holding. Klara looked closer and saw her mom was carrying a French Bulldog! Klara ran to him and two seconds after Anna did the exact same thing. Klara and Anna yelled for Nina her sister who is 12. She came down and saw the dog! Klara, Nina and Anna were all crying with joy.  Their dad came in with all the doggy supplies, and they all fell in love with him. Klara’s family finally decided to name the French Bulldog Mason and they love Mason to this day.

Klara dog.png


Klara’s Photo Description’s

This is a closeup/ wildcard picture of Eli. He wasn’t paying attention so I yelled out his name so that he would look at me and  then took this picture right away. I think it is really cool how the picture is all out of focus except Eli’s face. I also think that it’s a funny picture because he didn’t know that I was going to take a picture of him.

Klara eli

I took this picture for the “Nature” category. I squatted down of the jungle gym and  faced the camera up and took this picture. This is one of my favorite pictures because ever since I was little I loved looking up under trees and  seeing this. Another reason this is one of my favorite picture is cause I love the lighting and how the sun is shooting down in between the trees and  how it looks like such a nice day.

Klara tree

My partner and  I went to the garden and  found these beautiful flowers. We did multiple pictures for some topics so this is Nature/ Artsy. I decided to take this picture because I love how they look and  the color and the smell. For this picture i put the camera in the flowers and didn’t see it but I really love how this came out.

Klara flowers.JPG

This might be my favorite picture. This isn’t my favorite picture because it is a picture of me but I love what the flash did to the picture. I love the shadows and  I like how the blue in my eyes really stand out. I also think that I like it a lot because the white from my shirt matches the white of my name tag, shoes, soccer goal and  the ground. I like how the black of my shirt matches my shoes and how the blue of my jeans match my eyes.

Klara soccer.JPG

Karinna Meier’s Blog Posts

Favorite way to travel (Poll)


Fly :Klara,Talia,Jillan, Will,Aurelien,

Car :Hayes,Evan



Kariina chart.png


Rainbow  Coffee (Short Story)

Once upon a time there was a rainbow coffee. That day he could have died.  Then he did the impossible. He got limbs and ran to find a house got a mini spaceship and suit.

The next day he went into space. He made nightly news and casa blog.  Evan and the coffee were friends so the coffee invited him to space.

The coffee got a pet fuzz ball.  It was a sad day for Evan. That night Evan died and the coffee landed safely.  None of Evan friends knew until the coffee told them.

At Evan’s funeral the coffee did a small speech saying Evan died happy and peacefully.



Karinna’s Photo Descriptions

This is a wild card photo of Oliver the CIT.  I was asked by the CASA blog teacher to take a picture of a non blog counselor.  I wanted to do it anyway.

Kariina oliver.JPG

This is a photo of gardening tools.  We had to take a photo of a object. This is a pretty successful photo.

Karinna garden

This was a artistic photo.  Our teacher gave us the idea .  On the left side we accidentally put our feet in.

Karinna chalk.JPG

This our sports photo.  The light glare is a little annoying.   I think that this is a good photo though.

Karinna ball.JPG

Molly Kurtzer-Ellenbogen’s Blog Posts

Alex Morgan (Character Description)

Alexandra Patricia Morgan Carrasco, commonly known as Alex Morgan,  is a legendary female soccer player. She was born on July 2nd, 1989, in San Dimas, California. She is the youngest in her family, and  has two sisters named Jeni and Jeri. She is currently playing for the Orlando Pride, along with fellow legends Sydney Leroux, Marta, and  Ashlyn Harris. She also plays for the US national team, and worked together with Carli Lloyd, Tobin Heath, and others to win the US three World Cups, more than any other female team, along with olympic gold medals. In 2014, she married Servando Carrasco, also a soccer player. She is only 5 feet 7 inches tall, but doesn’t let her height stop her from being a goal-scoring machine. As of 2017, she had scored 107 goals. She is known for wearing the number 13 on her back, and  although many say it is an unlucky number, it has worked fine for her. In all of her games, she wears a pink headband to support breast cancer patients, but also because her favorite color is pink. She started supporting them because her husband’s mother is a breast cancer survivor, and has not gone one game without wearing it. Once, she forgot it at home, but luckily, she knew that someone on the other team had pink gause with her. She ran into the other team’s locker room, and  asked to borrow the gauze. Then, she cut off a strip, fashioned it in to a headband, and ran onto the field, ready as ever. Her favorite song is “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, her favorite food is Mexican food, and her favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona. She looks up to Lionel Messi, and was super excited to appear beside him on the cover of “FIFA 16: Ultimate Team. On June 12, 2018, “Alex and Me” was released in theaters. This movie, starring Alex Morgan and Siena Agudong, is about an Alex Morgan fanatic who’s parents pay no attention to her. She really wants to get onto a soccer team, and  when she doesn’t, Alex Morgan comes to help her turn a different soccer team into a dream team. Alex Morgan is one of the greatest soccer players ever, and will be remembered for a long, long time. 


The Adorable Bully

On September 2, 2020, Lenwood Ellis started school at Gorlin High. Ever since pre-school, Lenwood had been a bully, but he knew from the start he would have problems with bullying there. His main problem was a big one: he was adorable. In pre-school, bullying had been easy, for everyone there was unbearably cute. As he advanced to elementary school, bullying was harder, because while everyone else got less and  less cute, he got even cuter. Still, he could bully in elementary also, because back then, he was much bigger than everyone else. He also got by in middle school, but just barely, and  because, still, he was much bigger. In the summer after 8th, everyone seemed to have grown 2 feet, and suddenly, Lenwood was the 3rd shortest person in the grade. The only people shorter than him were Ellis and Nolan Diff, and  bullying them would not be easy. First, they had been in Lenwood’s pre-school, and knew some embarrassing secrets, and second, they were the strongest people on the football team, so they could beat him up. Bullying anyone else was out of the question; being adorable and  really short were things that he could be bullied about also. Lenwood became the quiet kid in the corner, and West Wade became the new bully. To make things worse, Lenwood was West’s prime target. One day, Lenwood was standing by his locker, and saw West walking towards him with a wicked grin on his face. “ Oh Wenny baby!” he crooned, using the baby voice that he used when teasing Lenwood. “I have something for you!”  With that, he brought out a baby bottle, and tried to stuff it in Lenwood’s mouth. That was the last straw. Lenwood screamed, and leapt at West. West was taken by surprise, and could do nothing but stare helplessly as Lenwood beat him up. Neither of them noticed that half of the school was watching. Word got around quickly that Lenwood had beat up West, and Lenwood was the bully once again.


Molly’s Photo Description

Pictured here is artwork made by “Potters Club”, “Glazing and Techniques”, “Clay Jewelry”, and  “Clever Clay Creations”. When this picture was taken, “Potters Club” was making something, so not all of the things that have been made are on that shelf. They were all at different stages of making their art. Some were painting, others were still forming their creations, and a couple were adding last-minute touches. The counselors were helping campers, and  everybody was working at a steady pace. People were happy, and seemed to be enjoying 4th period. People were talking and joking with each other, which gave the room a nice feeling. I think that both the campers and counselors were helping make sure everyone loved the class. It seemed that everyone was having a lot of fun. All of the projects looked really interesting. All in all, I would say the environment of the room was a friendly, welcoming one. There were also other creations on other shelves throughout the room. I believe that some creations were already in the kiln. Not everybody was working on their projects, though. A lot of people were helping each other or drawing. All of the creations were beautiful and  unique. I look forward to seeing them all at the arts festival on Friday!

Molly photo


William Crawford’s Blog Posts

Bryce Harper (Character Description)

Bryce Harper was born October 16, 1992 in Las Vegas. He was called to the Nationals on April 28, 2012. Ever since he has been playing really well. In 2012 he was elected as an all-star at 19 years old. He is the youngest player to be elected an all-star. Harper went to Las Vegas High School. He was a good student which allowed him to play baseball at his school. He was enrolled into College of southern Nevada. After his second ejection of the season he had a two game suspension which resulted in the end of his amateur career. He went to the minor leagues and  was then called up to the major leagues. In the 2018 season he is hitting a slump he has a bad batting average and

He’s getting zero hits in most games.


Favorite Drinks (Poll)

This is my graph for drinks in the blog. Shirley temple got the most with three. It also surprised me that milk got none. It also surprised me that coke got one.

Will graph


Hungry Moviestar

This is the story of a hungry moviestar. His name was Mit Yorensiola. This moviestar wanted this role very bad. The role was Jason in the new spy movie. The only problem was that Balleyoots Charbran wanted it to. Mit had been working hard to memorize the role. When he got to the audition he choked and forgot all the lines. So Mit went and ate so much food that he had to retire do to the fact that he couldn’t move.



This is about the time that I had to sit in a different seat than my mom on the plane. We were going to California. My dad had to stay for work so it was just me, my mom and  my sister. Our flight got canceled and we had to wait for 4 hours. We got put on a waitlist for another flight and me and my sister got different seats than my mom. I was about five and I didn’t want to do it. My mom said she was going to make me do it because the next flight was in another four hours. So then I did it and  I really liked it. I wanted to do it again. And the lesson is that you should always try things that make you scared.


Will’s Photo Descriptions

This tree has good composition. There was perfect sunlight. And  it really exposed the green of the leaves. I think that the fact that this tree is really tall helped this picture a lot. The branches jut out of the tree and  it looks awesome. At the bottom the bark is really light and it’s really exposed. The bark seems really detailed and I like it a lot. On the sides of the picture you can see all the sunlight.

Eli tree

I like this picture because of the down diagonal angle. At the beginning you can see the pictures really well. And  then by the end you can see them vaguely. This picture is really artsy. Then the pictures themselves are really cool you can tell that it’s good art. My favorite one is the 4th row all the way down.

Will stairs.JPG


Sam Greenspan’s Blog Posts

Sam’s Memoir

After I played piano for a while I liked to play more and more. And  then I wanted to play for people. So when there was a talent show at my school I signed up right away. When it came to the week of the talent show I was really worried. I was scared I would mess up in front of everyone and be really embarrassed. When it came to my turn in the talent show I was super nervous. When I came on stage and everybody was clapping I felt a little worse because it seemed they all had high expectations for me so if I messed up they would all be super disappointed. So when I was about to play I took my teachers advice and  took a breath. That calmed me down a lot. Then I played and did it perfectly. I got first place in the talent show and I was super happy. I learned that you shouldn’t worry about things so much.

Moral of the story if you’re nervous about something right before calm down and take a breath and believe in yourself.


Nelson Mandela (character description): Who ended Apartheid


Nelson Mandela is an Anti-Apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist, who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18 1918, in Mvezo South Africa and died on December 5, 2013. Apartheid is discrimination based completely on race.

He started primary school in 1925 and got the name Nelson from his teacher. He attended Clarkebury Boarding Institute in 1934 in Engcobo. Nelson Mandela’s Dad was named Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa his Moms name is Noqaphi Nosekeni.

Nelson Mandela had a lot of other siblings nine to be exact his sisters are Lieby Piliso, Nothusile Bhulehluth, Baliwe Mandela, Mabel Notancu Ntimakhwe, Makhutswana Mandela, and Constance Mbekeni Mandela. His brothers are Daligqili Mandela, Nomabandla Mandela, Mhlalwa Mandela.

Some of the major accomplishments of Nelson Mandela are that

he became the national president of the ANC Youth League in 1950 African National Congress (ANC) was formed in 1912 to bring all Africans together as one people to defend their rights and freedoms in South Africa. Nelson Mandela became increasingly politically active in his early 20s and in 1944, he joined the ANC.


Favorite Candy Poll

M n Ms: 3



Kit Kat: 3

Gummy bears:

Twix: 2

Cotton Candy: 1

Milky Way: 2

Sam's chart


Sam’s Short Story

Once upon a time there was a slipper robot. He had an oil spill and fell. He broke his arm off and couldn’t get back up. Then he fired his turbo boosters and accidentally blew up the world. Everyone died except him died. He was so sad that he cried so much that he electrocuted himself and died. Mr. Fox saw what happened and went to the planet and ate the food. “Mmmm yum pesticide ribs. These should have barbeque sauce!”


Sam’s Photo Description

This is Sam he is a counselor. He is 19 and goes to Carleton. He is holding a baseball bat that looks like he is in mid hit. He is wearing a bucket hat, a blue shirt, and black pants. In the background on the right you can see the gaga pit and  the swings. On the left you can see the goal, field and trees. You can also see inflatable pools hanging on the fence.

Sam Sam.JPG

This is a really good picture of a tree from a low perspective. You can see the sun through the leaves on the right. You can see the sky on the left. This is an oak tree that has been here for over 40 years. The tree has green leaves and brown bark. There are lots of pieces of bark broken off which makes this tree look quite old. It looks to be over 60 feet tall.

Eli tree



Vivian Harris’s Blog Posts

The Dog Going to the Moon

The dog’s name is Teedsyur — he is a very evil and crazy cat species of dog. Teedsyur looks like a tabby cat, but is a golden retriever. Teedsyur has brown and black fur with a little bit of white on his belly. He hates being scratched under his chin and on his belly. One day his owner, Mostillty, was walking him at the park and as they were walking two two year olds came over to pet him and he suddenly disappeared for one single second and  then came shooting down like a shooting a star and then everything went back to normal. The end!


Favorite Ice Cream Flavors


Vanilla ice Cream                  11111

Chocolate ice Creams           1

Cookies and Cream               111111

Strawberry Ice Cream          11

Banana Ice Cream

Vivian poll.png

Today i took a poll on ice cream, the most popular flavors were cookies and  cream and vanilla ice cream. The least popular ice cream was Banana. My favorite is vanilla.


Vivian’s Photo Descriptions

This picture is of a painting of a soccer goal on the side of the Sheridan school wall. It has a sun and flowers also it has grass. The soccer goal is yellow and black with a lot of grass around it. One of the flowers is pink and yellow, the other flower is orange and blue. The sun in this picture is big, yellow and it has a black smile.

Vivi mural.JPG

This picture is of a paper mache painting of a brown tree. It also has orange and red falling leaves. This paper mache tree is also 3-D. This painting also has brown leaves on the ground. This tree is very creative.

ViVi tree

This picture is of a playset on a playground. This playset is made of wood. A lot of kids like to play on the playground. This playground has a big slide. The playground also has a lot of ropes and bridges.

Vivi playground.JPG




Talia Schady’s Blog Posts

Natalia’s ( me ) memoir  

When I was little one of my only escapes to the sad sometimes world was the cold and snow … along with drawing. But when my parents introduced me to skiing the whole world changed for me! Then I started to make friends at Liberty and in my ski class. I started to go every Saturday to Liberty for ski lessons. I loved each class but one class really still stands out. This class is where I met Elena and Alex. I did not like Alex at first but then we had to each other so much I just learned to be like … whatever. The reason Elena and Alex stand out to me is something that you will get later. Anyways then I found out that Elena went to the Washington School Of Ballet like me. Then me and Elena basically kicked it off after that. Now one thing you need to know is that the company that owns Liberty also owns two other ski resorts called Round Top and the other White Tail. One normal Saturday when we were driving to Liberty my father missed the exit but he did say anything after a while I started to wonder so I told him that he had missed the exit “ I know “ said my dad in a soft voice. He kept driving then I started to get really suspicious it was late in winter said my dad… I didn’t get it. Then we pulled into a parking lot I saw a big sign that said “ Welcome To Round Top “ ok so I New that we were going to Round Top. But that was all I knew mom told me “ to get my ski bag “ so I got out and opened the trunk and got my ski bag. Then we all walked into the building. I wandered a bit until I heard my brother Mathias calling my name. I came over to the table we were at. Then I started to look around there was one girl that really caught my eye but I did not have much time to look because right then my parents led me outside where there was a group of kids and two instructors. Then one of the instructors said my name is coach Greg and this JP. How about we go around the circle saying our names and how long we have been skiing also why we want to be on the the race team. Oh so that is what all this s about my parents want me to be on the race team a thought. The circle went around and it finally came to me and I said “ my name is Natalia I have been skiing for four years and I want to be on the race team because… umm … because I want to get better at skiing. We finally got to the end of the circle when I realized Elena AND Alex was there!!! Thene coach Greg told us to get on the chair lift and wait for him and JB at the top. I skied over to Elena and asked her if she wanted to sit with me she said yes and we got in line together then we heard a voice behind us that  asked “ excuse me but can I sit with you? Elena and I looked over our shoulders. I was surprised when I saw who it was. It was the girl that I was staring at before (she was staring at me while I was staring at her). Me and Elena stared at each other for a few seconds then I said “ sure” and Elena nodded her head. She got onto the chair lift with Elena and I and we started to talk and I learned that the girls name was Quinn and she was a really good skier even if she was only like six and a half or seven. We then got on the chair and went up the mountain. At the top we waited for coach Greg and JP like he said. When coach Greg and JP got to the top coach Greg told us to go down the hill using short radius turns. Of course at that time I didn’t know what short radius turns where so I just copied what everybody else was doing. After a while I started to get the hang of things. So I started racing down the mountain do short radius turns passing everybody… well everybody except Quinn. She was really fast even if she was only like six and  a half or seven like I said before. Anyways when me and Quinn got to the bottom of the hill me and Quinn didn’t know what to do so we just waited there until everybody got down the hill including the coach. Then he told us to go up the same chair lift but instead of taking a write we should take a left. So when we got to the top we took a left instead the trail led us into the forest trail it was a dead end. Coach Greg skied in from behind us then we all heard some shuffling behind us we all turned around there was an object blocking our way out. Then coach Greg started to ask us questions about what we do if there was an emergency like this ( this is just practice not an actual emergency ) we answered the questions and did a couple more drills then it was time to go. A few months later my parents got a call that I was on the team! and that is how I mad the race team!


The Speedy skyscraper                                                                                                                                       

        By: Natalia

Once there was a speedy skyscraper. Now you might think that there is no such thing as a speedy skyscraper which there is no such thing but this book is fiction well I you guys know that but just in case. Anyways this story takes place at mars where it is as normal to be a skyscraper than it is to be be a human. Now on one very hot day there was a little skyscraper named Nathan. He was in the middle of one of his first grade place value lesson.Now Nathan was usually a very good student but along with the rest of his class he felt like he was going to die of boredom. He was three weeks into the school year and he had the most boring teacher in the world. And if that was not bad enough ms gorf band the ice cream truck that came every day after school!!! Nathan and  his friends were still furious and they decided that they were going to do something about it. After school that day they held a meeting at Nathan’s best friend Billy’s house. Billy got out his ideas book and started to writing his and his friends ideas. Then out of nowhere there was a nock on the door “NO”!!! They all yelled “quick” said Billy “hide” everybody scaderd John went under the bed Fred hid in the closet Nathan slipped under the dresser and Billy hid behind the bed. Nobody budged for a minute but nothing happened. Apparently nobody’s parents where here. Everybody came out of their hiding spots and they started writing down ideas. Then out of nowhere “hello boys”all the boys froze. In stepped an old grey haired short lady. The boys could not believe it. It was mrs Gorf! “Hi mrs Gorf he he” “oh you are writing in a book my awesome teaching skills are paying off!” “ya write” John muttered. “Mrs Gorf I think you are thinking about Ned” “no sunny boy you got it all mixed up you are the very bad student and  Ned is the very good student”. Mrs Gorf has got a teachers pet. Now this was true yes very much true. “Excuse me mrs Gorf but what are you doing here?” asked Nathan. Why boy I am here to scold your father about his bad parenting skills and how he should do whatever it takes to make you smarter. Then she swiftly turned around and left. After that all the moms and dads came to pick the boys up. They had their plan to get mrs Gorf back for all the bad things she had done. The next day the boys came in early in fact even more earlier than the teacher to get things ready and then they got into position and then when mrs Gorf came in “now” Nathan yelled! (you might want to read the next book)

THE END !!!!!!!!!


Natalia’s description of Agness

I think that Agness is one of the cutest character in Despicable Me … along with Bob the minion. I would say that my favorite Despicable Me is the third one with Balthazar Bratt and  just incase if you didn’t watch Despicable Me 3 Balthazar Bratt is the villain in Despicable Me 3 that tries to destroy HollyWood because they rejected him because he was to old on the show about him and  that nobody liked the show anymore and wasn’t watching anymore. Then he got really mad and went into hiding but right before he went into hiding he swore that he would get them back for rejecting him. That several years later he came back older and  tried to destroy Hollywood and everybody in Hollywood. Anyways Nev Scharrel is the voice actress for Agness.


Eli Kwait-Spitzer’s Blog Posts

The Lazy Fortune Teller (Short Story)

I hate work. I have to wear these weird robes  and sit in a weird hut. What’s my job? I “tell” people their fortunes. Since I work super long hours I get no sleep so I don’t really try to give accurate fortunes. In fact, I don’t even believe in fortune telling. Honestly, the only reason I do it is because I make A LOT of money. Who knew so many people want to “know” their fortune? The other reason I do fortune telling is that you don’t have a boss. If you wanted to know my place it’s called Olga’s Fortunes. Well, I got to go to work, hope to see you their. Oh, and if you see this DO NOT show or tell people about this. If you do, I will have to stop being a fortune teller and make a lot less money.


Eli’s Memoir

I really love football, it is my favorite sport to watch and  play. This year in my flag football league we went undefeated. In fact, we won a game 42 to nothing in the regular season. But in the playoffs we did not do as well. Since we got a bye we only played 2 games including the super bowl. Our first game we started off slow and  were up 6-0 at half. In the second half we scored a TD and a 2 point conversion and they did the same. We only ended up winning by 6 points. In the super bowl they scored 7 points in the first half and we scored nothing. At half I was the most nervous I have been in a while. In the second half we scored a TD and  a 2 point conversion! When we won our whole team ran around the field screaming for a few minutes. That was one of the happiest moments I have ever had playing sports. I was so happy because that was my first real championship and I love football so when I won it felt great.


  1. What’s your favorite Soda of these?


Sprite 1

All coca cola’s 1

Shirley temple 1 2 3

All Fanta’s  1

Ginger ale 1 2 3

Eli's graph

I am surprised that ginger ale had one of the most because i thought that much more people would prefer Coke than ginger ale.


Will Smith (character description)

Will Smith was born on September 25, 1968 in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently Has 2 sons and one daughter. He is an extremely successful actor and  has starred in movies such as Men In Black, Concussion and many more. His daughter Willow Smith, had a top hit song, “I whip my hair back and forth”. His favorite colors are red and  black and his favorite food is Philly Cheesesteak. In all of his movies he seems to wear suits. He has won more than 35 awards. He has two sisters, Pam and Ellen and a brother, Harry. We can probably expect many more top movies from him in the future.


Eli’s Photo Descriptions

This is a photo of the counselor, Sam. This was taken in the softball class. He is in the middle of a swing.  

Eli sam.JPG

This is the nature Photo. This photo was taken lying down under a try by the jungle gym.  Eli tree.JPG

This was the landscape photo we had to take. This was going to be the nature photo but after this we took a much better nature photo. This is the new jungle gym Sheridan built at the end of a school year.

Eki playrgound.JPG

This is the object photo that was taken in clubhouse three. The reason a globe was chose to be the object is because a globe is very detailed and colorful which makes it easy to make a good photo. Also, the wall paper worked well

Eli globe.JPG

This is the wildcard photo which we chose to take of an apples to apples wildcard because why not?

Eli apples.JPG

This is the sports photo of Will the CIT pitching a ball to the camper Angel. This was taken from clubhouse two onto the field. This is in the softball class like the first photo.

Eli angel.JPG