Ben Vanfossen’s Posts

The Excited Robot

Once there was a robot named Bobby Auto. He lived a very boring life until one day when he was walking to the grocery store when a fat cat named Garfield pounced on him. A few minutes later Bobby said hey what was that for but garfield had ran away and for the next few days the same thing happened. After he came back from the grocery store Garfield was waiting for him at the door and told him to go to the backyard so Bobby went to the backyard and there he saw that Garfield had thrown him a party and bobby was very excited.


The Zoo Incident

One day Joe Paterson was feeding the lemurs when a tourist closed the door and he couldn’t get out. The zoo was about to close all the animals were  asleep and he was the only one in the zoo.The lemur exhibit was outside and had nowhere to sleep. The lemurs were new and so they started to mark their territory on the tree. Joe was laying on the tree because he was tired  and mad. Joe was mad because the tourist had locked him in the lemur exhibit.


Ben’s Photo

In this photo Max running to first he is currently playing soft ball outside on the field during fourth period. Also you can see Ellis, Cate, and Trajen waiting to bat and Felix playing catcher.I like this photo because it shows kind of to play softball and my best friend Max and sister Cate are in it.


Declan Flanagan’s Posts

Captain America

Captain America was a 98 pound weakling who joined the army and got transformed to a 240 pound world war 2 legend his mission taking down Hydra a Nazi rouge science unit. They were found on the belief that humanity can’t be trusted with their freedom. He has a vibranium shield once he infiltrated a hydra base saving over 400 men of an army called the 107’th. Captain America has a friend named James Bucanan Barnes  ( also Bucky Barnes ) who fell off a train into mountain in a blizzard assumed to be dead but alive and worked for Hydra. And fought Captain America on a highway and Cap found out that he was alive. Cap said his name and bucky had no idea. Then Bucky remembered him. Hydra captured Bucky when he saved the 400 men luckily Cap found him before they could any more harmful things. But when he fell off the train Hydra found him unconscious and gave him a metal arm and brainwashed him. My favorite movie is Captain America the first avenger.


Giraffe soccer                           

 By Declan  

The year was 1941 and in south africa giraffes played soccer the best team was High Plains with 17 wins 2 draws and never lost. League was the high life liga. Their best player is riko  he scored 67 goals in 43 games 15 hat tricks. The second best team was egress riders but they lost 3 -1 they scored a penalty. Their best player was tiho who scored the penalty but got a yellow card. The best team had won 7 championships. The giraffes warm up by eating grass.the goals are the size of a building that is 15 stories tall. And as wide as a wall except 10 times the length and width.


If I were a monkey. 
If I were a monkey I would be a monkey who acts like a human kid because I was but I was transformed because I was chosen to be in an experiment. What happened was I was walking on a normal day until a doctor  came running out of a building which looked like a factory and said Can volunteer for an important job ? He took me by the hand into the factory before I could answer . I didn’t know what was going on, so I tried to ask but the doctor stopped me before I could say anything. This is a factory for experiments on wildlife and we want to extract the knowledge from you into I wasn’t listening when I saw an ape with something attached to it brain and I was listening when he finished. And we will see what happens when we inject the knowledge from you … into the mind of the ape I finished good listener good !! He said now get on the platform I had no choice but to do it then it happened long story short something went wrong and that is how I became a monkey. I was an ape. The End


If i were locked in casa .                                         

If I were locked in casa I would eat every snack and raid the kitchen. And I would put a whoopie cushion on philip’s chair and raise an army of fire ants.  Also I would watch everything I wanted. After I make the place a mess then I would make a flag and plant it at the top of the roof. I would go into a clay room and make the biggest thing I can Imagine and make a fort out of every pillow in the school and storm the closet with the mentos and coke. My fort would be in club house 5.And I would paint the soccer field.

I would paint the whole school black. Also I would pull pranks everywhere including the bathroom. And Finally Make a cottage out of wood from the treehouse and the climbing thing. 


Real miniature car 

The miniature car is a car you can have in your  pocket and you have a key that has a big blue button that if you throw the car on the ground and press the big button the car turns into a real sized car. I thought  of this because it would be handy. It would be handy because if you were lost then you could pull it out and hit the road and I wouldn’t have to worry about parking. It would be every type of car  also cost 93,645 $. The best car I have is a lambo. It is made of plastic. You would buy it in Washington DC. I have 25 workers doing it. the company name is untitled little giants.

The End

Eliana Townend’s Posts

Scared cheeseburger

It was a dark and stormy night and sitting in a fridge on that very night  there was a cheeseburger whose name was William but he went by Will. Will lived a normal life. He got made on a grill at a house in texas with some other Burgers the day before. Every burger got eaten except for Will.  


Will was thinking about his dream to be eaten but then his thoughts moved on to his fear, his biggest fear, being thrown away and rotting in the trash that  made him nervous, it made him scared. That was wht happened to most leftovers like him. THEY GOT FORGOTTEN…


 The life and times of Rubeus Hagrid  

 Rubeus Hagrid  is a character from the Harry Potter series. He was born in 1995 (when the series was created) and made his first appearance in the chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. He was given 2 extremely important tasks by Albus Dumbledore  The first one was to collect harry from the house where his parents died and deliver him to the Dursleys ( his aunt and uncle) and to find him and deliver him his letter to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry once he was 11. 

 When Hagrid took Harry to diagon alley to get his school things, he started a bond of friendship between them and by the time Harry was a few weeks into his schooling at Hogwarts he was visiting Hagrid regularly for tea and maybe rock buns or fudge (but Harry didn’t usually eat them) 

Hagrid was a very adventurous chef but his food doesn’t usually turn out that well. His rock buns could break your teeth, his fudge would glue them together and Hermione Granger found a talon in his beef casserole.

Hagrid loves animals. He loves them so much that in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of azkaban he became the care of magical creatures teacher. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone he illegally bought a dragon egg from a man in a pub and  raised the dragon until harry potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger made him give it to Ron’s brother Charlie Weasley because he works with dragons. 

Finally rubeus hagrid is a half giant (his mother was a giant but his father  was not.) he sees dangerous thing as beautiful or cute, plays a very important role in the Harry Potter series, has a pet dog named fang and no matter how hard he tries he can not cook.

Eliana harry.jpg


The sucker upper ( Eliana’s Invention )

Do you ever walk around town and see all the trash on the streets. Isn’t it awful. well people leave the trash there and it isn’t right. What if all that trash was gone the sucker upper sucks up the trash on the streets and it detects who put it on the ground  it would send them a letter telling them how bad it is to do that and if it was an accident it would tell them to be more careful.        

                How it works

The sucker upper has a tube that sucks up the trash on the streets in the sewers. It has a mechanical arm that opens the sewers and types the letters that the computer tells it to type. The computer also detects the fingerprints on the pieces of trash. The trash goes through the tube that sucks it up into a pit lined with detectors. inside the sucker upper and the detectors detect fingerprints so they know who put it there.  


Zoo troubles

I work at the national zoo and while I am on my shift  all the animals escape. I look around to see if their are and  i see some muddy paw prints I leave some food for the animals to lead them back home and then follow the paw prints they lead me to my house I looked around my house and  is saw claw marks. I would have to do some cleaning up. I went into my room and next to the bookshelf I saw a tiger i got some food that i had in my kitchen and I made a trail leading to the zoo. The tiger followed the trail but when ho got to the zoo he ran out onto the streets i saw my friend get up to go on her shift and i told her what had happend.


Eliana’s Photos

This is a picture of Natalie the Director of Casa she is in her office and is looking out to see what we were doing. This picture was taken on crazy hair day.

Eliana natalie.JPG

This is a picture of  Philip he is in his office with a wig because it is crazy hair day.

Elaian phillip.JPG

This is a picture of period 4 chess class. In chess they learn chess strategies and play games of chess.

eliana chess.jpg

This photograph is of fitness, gymnastics and fun they are lined up to use the bar. They are probably practicing for their Olympics. 

eliana fitness.JPG

Joaquin Wissman’s Posts

Perry The Platypus

If I could have any pet  in the world i would have Perry the platypus because he is a super duper cool spy. Perry would live with me and he will be kept a secret from the public. I would take care of him like you would take care of a cat. Give it water, feed him, play with him, etc. Perry would spy on people for me only the people I don’t like. Perry eats a special kind of food that’s a mix between dog food and cat food called dat fuud. When i go to school or on a vacation perry would go to his work and make money for the fam. Perry works to stop Dr.Doofenshmirtz with agent Monogram and his assistant Carl. Dr. Doofinshmertz is a evil person who wants to take over the tristate area with evil inventions. We would live in the Washington Dc and Dr. Doofinshmertz will try to take over the DMV. I would not help Perry stop Dr. Doofinshmertz. I would get perry’s food at the closest supermarket. I woulldnt help perry with dr. doofenshmertz because it would be too dangerouse. Perry is green and blue. He is a short animal with a long tail. We will buy him a pool and put it outside and make like a house for him so he could live in water.


Locked In Casa

It’s 7:00 and there is no one in Casa but me. All the doors are locked from the outside so i can’t get out. So I think to myself what will I do with 12 hours by myself? So i go straight to the kitchen and make myself a PB and J sandwich. Then I go to the staff lounge and find something to do. I try to break the vending machine to get free soda. I look at the clock 11 hours left. After I would go to club house 6 and take a nap for a couple hours. I would choose club house ^ because they have the best couch.When I wake up there is 7 hours left on the clock. For the next hour I go to the gym and play basketball. After that I would go to the playground and practice some soccer. I would do a couple of drills like shooting and dribbling and by then it would be 2 hours left. For the next 2 hours I would go to clubhouse 6 again and take another nap. When I wake up I will hope to find all the CITs and counselors already at casa then I would go on with my normal day. The end.


Patrick The Star

Patrick the star is a fictional character from the tv show Spongebob Square Pants. Spongebob started airing in 1999. Patrick is a pink starfish that lives under a rock in the bikini bottom. His best friend is spongebob. Patrick is silly starfish and he is a little special. He wears hawaiin shorts that are green with purple flowers. He has two neighbors Squidword and Spongy.  Squidward is a grumpy squid who plays the clarinet. He gets mad at Spongy and Patrick for everything. In patricks free time he likes to catch jellyfish, he also likes to go visit Spongy at work at the Krusty Krab. Patricks best friends are Spongy, Sandy, and Mr. Crabs. My personal favorite episode of SpongeBob Square Pants is when Spongy and Patrick find a pencil and go around the Bikini Bottom drawing funny things. He lives pretty well happily ever after.


The Invisible Dinosaur

There was a dinosaur and he was invisible. And he had no friends because no one knew he existed. So one day his fam decided to cop a trip to the bahamas. When he was born his dad left but he didn’t leave he was invisible just like his mom and bro. So the fam of invisible dinos went to the bahamas something happened on dino island. A meteor hit dino island and blew up all the dinos except their family. So they had to make a new set of dinos called invisadinos. The new invisadinos were invisible. They lived in the bahamas. There life in the bahamas was amazing they had food, water , playgrounds and it was perfect. Then one day they found the new breed, the piggies. They grew closer and closer and then came the new breed the invisapiggies. The invisipiggies and invisadinos could see each other though . When the piggies and the dinos got old they were getting extinct. So they set off to find birdie island. When they got to the birdie island they found this one special bird who was magical and could turn invisible. So they made a new special kind of animal. The new animal was big with a big nose and ears and had wings it was the dinopig. Who could turn invisible and stay the same. So the binopig became famous all over the world. The binopig were bought as pets all over the world. And they became the most popular animal in the world the end. 


The work-do-it machine

The work do-it machine is a machine that does your homework in seconds. How the machine looks like  a box with 2 holes and a pad. The holes are really skinny lines across the top and side of the machine. And the pad looks like an iPad screen. How the machine works is so before putting your homework in hole 1 you set the pad to the type of subject the homework is about.It can be anything. Then you put  the homework in the top hole and wait a minute. After the minute, the side hole will print out your homework all ready to turn in. This invention will cost around 800$ and will be sold on all platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Craig’s List,etc. This invention costs 200$ to make!This invention will help students with too much homework be done in seconds. This machine can also help adults. This invention has a job setting so adults can do their work on this invention too. People would buy my invention because it is easy to use, portable and handy. I invented this machine because personally I strongly dislike homework and have much better things to do. Also when I have too much homework I panic about if i’m going to finish in time, so with this invention you won’t have to worry about anything. 


Joaquin’s Photos

This picture is a picture of councilor Jimmy Meritt. Jimmy, in this picture, is playing chess with another camper. Jimmy does other cool activities like Swimming and Mad Science!

Joaquin jimmmy.JPG

This is a picture of 4 campers doing some art in the Painting Class. You can see the recent artwork the painters have created. This class is taught by Crystal and Jasmine. They are both counselors.

Joaquin art.JPG

This is a photo of CIT Alejandro Wissman enjoying the game of Softball that is going on on the turf. Alejandro also does other sports like Soccer.

Joaquin ale.JPG

This is counselor Joe Noyes. This is a photo of the photo that is on the pinboard for casa pm. Joe also teaches Team Games, Swimming and Basketball

Joaquin joe.JPG

This is a picture of paintings in the staircase which were made by former student of the Sheridan School. Estimate there will probably be 100-150. 

Joa walls.JPG

This is a photo of a camper making a clay cup. This class is run by Lindsey. In the clay class, there are a lot of clever clay creations.

Joaquin clay.JPG

Mackenzie Gleason’s Posts

Mackenzie’s Invention
Have you ever been in traffic. I know it stinks. Or have you ever wanted a jet. But sadly they are to expensive. Well know all ya troubles are gone with are…….. Flying car! You might be wondering why I did this because I have always dreamed of this and I know you do to. And how do you use it? It is really simple. You drive it like a regular car but just one button and one button only it starts moving up and up and flies! And only one car goes up for sale every month. So there is not a lot of traffic up and down can buy it at are stored in every state Fc company.  And it only cast a little more than a normal car! You might be thinking how you get this? Yes there is a weightless but it is worth it! There is also an alert so you won’t fly into a plane or can also get gas at a normal gas station. And you can design the front of the car yourself. Best part it is tottaly safe! So do not wait to get your car now!


Having a Tiger

 If I could have one pet in the world it would be a tiger. So it could protect me and I could watch it grow up. And we would play outside in a forest or just on  plain land. I could cuddle him at night. It would be sweet but fierce . I could talk to him about stuff when I feel happy, sad, angry or any other feelings. It would live in my room and I would take care of him.  My parents are understanding of my pet and it would eat anything that he could eat. So it might not be magical but it is my pet. 


Mackenzie’s Photo

Let’s get sporty! They sure are!! There doing a sport in period four. It looks like they are interested in the game. Maybe cheering from the sidelines. Exciting to get back in the game! This was softball. It is taught by Ariell and Felix is the C.A.P for the you should totally sign up for it.

Mac's phtot.JPG

Natalie Tan’s Posts


In the year 2019, Pikachu emerged from his egg to find a loving face and a great home.  As he expolored hs new home, he met his owners, Ash and Dawn. He waddeled around the apartment and right to ash’s leg, which he gripped tightly. “Pikachu!” he exclaimed. Yeah, it’s pretty great, isn’t it? Dawn cooed as she bent down to pet his furry head. I small shock went through him and shocked her. “Ow!” she quickly pulled her hand back. It’s okay, Pikachu, Ash said gently. Pikachu relaxed. He was here with these people and they were going to have fun. Right? 

8 years later… 

PIKACHU! He exclaimed.  He charged towards his oppenent and zapped him. The opponent growled and charged. Pikachu dodged the attack!

Two more years later… 

A bolt of lightning shot through the air and zapped the dragonare. He hissed. Singed, he slithered towards Pikachu, about to strangle him to death. Pikachu ran around him until the snake became too confused to follow him anymore and collapsed to the ground. 

Very very very very very very very very veyr very very very very very very very very very very long story short, Pikachu lives on. He leads a happy life with ash and dawn.


Shark Tank Invention

What I would like to invent is a trampoline road. It would be more of something for people and not for cars. It would be about a half mile long, but there would be a way to get back from the beginning to the end if you didn’t want to go on it. It would cost about 8 dollars per person. It would have soft plants or walls on the side and other objects including it having lights/glow in the dark for nighttime and replacement parts  so it would be completely safe. This would cost about I think that this should be built because it would be a great tourist attraction and be fun for kids as well as adults. The inspiration for this invention was a trampoline park. When I visited it, I tried to jump from the different squares but kept landing on the platforms in between. I had wanted to have the platforms to be smaller so I could jump between the platforms. That’s when the idea of a trampoline road was born.


Future Letter

Greetings to my future self. 

I hope that you are content in michagain. Is it nice there? What’s it like? I hope you have visited all of our au pairs. Make sure to visit grace, joy, and mia! How is everyone doing? Well, i hope. Make sure you visit everyone back home! Do you remember why i chose this state? I hope your friendship braclet shop is doing well! I still have a few. Are your neibors nice? I hope so! Is it if you’re having problems, remember everyone in d.c. they’re waiting for you! Life is pretty good here. I met some nice people here at camp. It’s kind of strange that i feel like going back to school for s few days, just to see everyone again.  Cc status: 11 days. It’s ok if we don’t go soon. I just want to go.


The Escaped Animals

My night shift is so boring. I just stand there for 6 hours and try to look out for the animals. I don’t get the point of it. At 1:00 I started to wander away from my post. I only had to step away for a minute and the person let the animals out.  I came back only a few minutes later. All that was left was a bunch of emty cages. I wished that I had never been assigned this job. I called Dan He’s the only person I can trust right now. He answers after 3 rings. Hey, Bob! What’s up? The story came out in a rush. I  could almost hear him nodding. I’ll be there in five, he said. Bring your pickup truck! I told him. We hung up. I had a lot of work to do. After attaching the two trailers together, I dragged them to the park entrance, I stood there and waited. After a minute or two, I noticed headlights in the distance. I heard the engine and saw the red paint. I relaxed. I  then proceeded to attach the two trailers to each other. I hopped into the backseat and Bob reved the engine. Look out for some extoic animals, I told him. We drove forward, into the night…  


The Sticky Spider

My name is Zach. i’m a 6th grader at Tyler Middle School in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you read the next paragraph, you must not tell anyone. I mean it. Actially, never mind. Your a kid. No one will belive you, just like they ingore me. It’s a curse. That’s why I suggest you read my life story with an expression as if you are reading a history textbook based on the revolutionary war. Whenever I try to have a bit of fun, it’s always stopped. That is, until, this happened…

The paragraph that you must not let anyone know that you read

On the outside, I look like any other 6th grader. Neatly trimmed spiky hair, a stingers baseball cap (duh.) I wear the appropriete clothing for the seasons. ( the temperatures vary form 23-93 F) nope, nothing suspious about me… for now. Actually, i’m a 4th grader who works for a secret organization, not the FBI, but another organation that only a few people other than it’s members are part of. Actually, as you read this you slowly become part of a member. If you’re still reading, don’t worry. You won’t have to become like me and write long paragraphs and go undercover like this. We won’t make contact with you unless in the midst of a emergancy, although even having the slightist bit of knowlage about this organization will cause strange things to happen and people to come after you. I know that we have given you tons of infermation, and we’ll let you have overnight to think about it. 



*waits some more* 


Ok. you’re  back. That felt like forever. So? Have you decided, already? Excuse my rudeness. As I said, we’re desperate,  the reasons why will be explained later if you join. 


Well? Choose your choice. 


Noa Raben’s Posts

 Locked in CASA (over night).

         If I was locked in CASA I would go into the kitchen and  try to bake and cook things. After that I would eat some of the stuff.  But the rest of it I would save it for breakfast. Then I would get a really, really big tub and put 100 big bottles of glue. Then, I would get alot of borax and put it in. And then I would  mix in some lotion, food coloring, and some of a bubblegum scent into the slime. Then I would mix all the slime together and put some of the slime on some chairs. Then I would get ready for the day and eat breakfast and go to clubhouse 5 and relax until the counselors and C.I.Ts come.


The  finder                     

        Have you ever lost something and couldn’t find it? Well I have a solution for that. The Finder. The Finder can find the thing(s).    

                 How it works              

          The Finder scans your neiborhood and house to see if your object is there. If the object that you lost isn’t in those places than it will go around your city, country, town, or state! 

         When the Finder finds the thing(s) you lost, it will bring it to your house. If the finder finds someone elses thing(s) it will nock on their door and return their stuff and leave. But if it finds your stuff it will bring it to your door and nock and come into your house. NO batteries included! I am going to sell this for $200

You can get 35% of the savings. This was $190 to build.



If I were any animal I would be a SIBERIAN TIGER. I would be a S iberian Tiger because I think that Siberian Tigers are so beautiful and they’re so fierce and cool! 

                  I’M A SIBERIAN TIGER

       Wow I’m a Siberian Tiger! Now I’m so fierce. “ROAR!!!” I hear in the distance I started to walk towards the roar. It got louder and louder. I felt a cold chill in the air; it was probably because I was in Siberia.


Noa’s Photo

This is Fyn. Fyn’s my sister and she’s in CLK 3. The picture above is a little blury but I knew it was her. Right now she’s smiling with joy! Every time we drop Fyn off first I see her all happy.  I can just see joy and happiness filling her up! I love her a lot! She is behind the counselor Josh.

                We fight a lot but I still love her a lot.

Noa fyn.JPG

Sabine Crawford’s Posts

Locked In Casa

If I was locked in Casa with nobody around I would first go to the teachers lounge and make some cofee so I would not get tired. Then I would go in the kitchen to make cucumber sushi for dinner in the kitchen.Then I would check out the mad science room and make some slime.4th I would go to the gym and run and then I would take out all the balls in the closet and play basketball.5th I would go on the playground and I would play soccer on the feild  then I play on the swings. I go down the slide in the dark(because I think that would be cool)but it’s getting a little too dark so I go back in the building.When I get back in the building I would run upstairs to the clay room and make a bunch of pinch pots because I love pottery!Since I don’t know how to work the kiln I just leave it out hoping Lindsey will put it in the kiln.Since I am In a artsey mode because I did a lot of clay creations I go up to the art room to do some art.When I am done I decide to go to bed so I go to club house 3 and sleep on the red couch.When I wake up I hear phillip walking in the door so I run downstairs discretely and scare phillip to freak him out!!!!! Phillip gets super scared and confused then he gives me a discount for next year to apologies.



Sabine’s Nationals Story

The Nats are awsome because they’re my home team.Pitch,hit,home run.Soto Rendon Scherzer,all my favorite players.I rute for the Nats even though they’re not that good.

When I go to the Nats park I get a philly cheese steak,chicken nugettes or just a ordinary hot dog or sausage.When you go to Nats park you do it for the fun and for the fans!Just the scene at the natonals park is awesome.I love watching the game and I love the Nats.


The Ultimate Food Machine

The ultimate food machine!When you’re craving somthing really really really badly and can’t do anything about it, you get the ultimate food machine!All you need to do is press one botton,the only botton.When you press that botton magic happens!You say any food you want in the hole world in the a little microphone!And bling your food craving is here!!!!!As you gobble down your food you think for a secon,does this cost money?The anser is no,it defently does NOTcost any money.Thats preaty great because I love food and I crave it a lot.Now you’re propably thinking how does the food come to the machine?Well it’s a little comlicated,you need to have basement and when I say basement I meen a big basement.Anyway you need storage food in the basement and when you call the food up from the microphone and the food goes up through the tube and you have your food.


Sabine’s Photos


There she is with the most pretty cup in the world.

Sabine clay

Very intense, very focus used,very ready to win!

Sabine felix

”NOOO more home runs,you have already done too many.

Sabine bat.JPG

Simone Zayets’ Posts

Captain Marvel

This is a Story about Captain Marvel.There was a girl named Carol     Danvers.Carol has 4 kids\2 girls that were named Hannah and Cristina and 2 boys that were named Henry and Jack and a husband named Jonathan and her family was about to go on vacation to Rehoboth Deleware.


Fast Snowball Fight 

By Simone Zayets


There was a girl named Ava and she is 12 years old, she just came back from CASA and it snowed 3ft in Colorado.She saw boys playing a snowball fight she really wanted to play but she couldn’t because her mom had to know or she might know that she got kidnapped,so she walked home.After she let her mom knows she was home, she went to see where the boys were . And she found them. And they had a snowball fight but not just any snowball fight, they had a fast snowball fight.


Locked In Casa

By: Simone Zayets


It was  6:30 pm and everyone left Casa. I was with my sister Gisele, and we were the only ones at Casa.And me and Gisele were hungry,so we ran to the kitchen to see what they could see and Simone found pizza,so me and Gisele ate all of the pizza.Then me and Gisele went to the Music room and played the piano ( I played Sonitena ) then we played ghost and the graveyard.Next we went to the Clay Workshop,and I made a snow leopard, and my sister made a bobble head Gazelle.Then we went to the gym, and I did gymnastics and and Gisele hula hooped.Then went to robots and circuits and grabbed a computer and watched YouTube.After we watched YouTube we went to bed in Clubhouse 2 (on the couch. I got the blue couch Gisele got the light grey couch ).When we woke up we saw Olivia looking at us. She carried us to Clubhouse 6.


My robot servant

By: Simone Zayets

I just came back from school on a friday ,and after we came in the house my mom asked me to do my homework and play piano. I said ‘this is the last time I am going to play piano and do my homework.“ But I still did my homework and play piano for the last time. The next morning on Saturday I woke up early to make a robot.I went to the hardware store to get the materials, when I came home I got to work.  

Sofia Ribiero’s Posts

Fraction Calculator

By Sofia R
Have you ever wished that there was a calculator to calculate fractions equations ? Well here it is I have come up with a calculator that you come type fractions into and it will calculate the answer. Like with any calculator in has the numbers and the plus sign the minus sign and etc but it’s also got the fraction button. This invention looks the same as a regular calculator but has got the fraction function. This invention is a students dream it can help with everyday equations and fraction equations. You can use lets say If your trying to make sure each kid at a birthday party gets a certain amount of food you can use it as that. I came up with this invention when I was searching for a calculator that calculates fraction equations.


Fluer and the TriWizard Tournament

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Fleur had a pretty normal life, that is for a french wizard. Fleur had a little sister named Gabriel. Fleur went to a magic school called Beauxbatons. She was one of the best wizards there ,though she looks innocent she could do some serious magic.

Fleur could not wait. the tri wizard tournament was coming up! The tri wizard tournament is where the three wizarding schools (Durmstrang, Hogwarts and of course Beauxbatons) come together to compete and a goblet choses one student from each school. Fleur was going to enter and see if she could be chosen. 

The tournament was going to hosted at Hogwarts. The school planned and choreographed their entrance. Two girls would  come in and part and then flip the the other students would 

Hogwarts was beautiful. it was like a castle. They did their entrance smoothly then watched Durmstrang enter. Fleur had a good laugh has the people from hogwarts song a funny song. Then Dumdldor said

“ The tri wizard tournament is what we gathered here for in the tri wizard tournament one champion will be chosen from each school by the Goblet of Fire” Then he pulled off a sheet from the Goblet of Fire. It was a giant goblet with blue fire coming out.

“This is the Goblet of Fire. Those who wish to enter the tri wizard tournament must be seventeen and has to put their name in the goblet”

Fleur was chosen as a champion and so was harry potter and another dude then a quidditch player. It was unexpected when harry potter was chosen because Harry Potter was younger than 17 and Hogwarts already had a person.

The first task was a dragon and you had to get a golden egg form it this golden egg was her next clue Fluer pass that one. The next task she had to rescue her sister from mermaids in the lakes she failed to save her sister but Harry saved her sister. The last task was a maze to get the trophy which was in the center of the maze. In the last task Fleur was attacked by the quidditch player under a controlling spell almost died however the other Hogwarts champion was killed. Nobody won because the tournament was shut down after the tragedy. 


Sam the Slimy Palm Tree Learns a Lesson

   By Sofia Ribeiro

Once there was a slimy palm tree whose name was Sam. Sam lived in Hawaii. Sam had no friends because he was so slimy. Sam didn’t want to be slimy. Sam thought that if he was normal he would have friends. 

One day when Sam was out in the park he met another not so normal palm tree, now this palm tree was a tiny palm tree. Sam and the tiny palm tree whose name was Dlyan, talked for an hour. Then Sam invited Dlyan to his house. Dylan and Sam had lots of fun at Sam’s house. 

After meeting and hanging out with Dlyan Sam had learned a valuable lesson “Being unique is good”!


Locked In Casa


If I was locked in casa and had to spend the night in casa I would do these things:

  • Raid the kitchen
  • Trash Phillip’s office 
  • Steal the cameras and take silly pictures 
  • Raid the staff lounge
  • Cook a nice meal
  • Climb trees
  • Eat food 
  • Break stuff
  • Cover the art room in markers and sticky notes
  • Make stuff with clay
  • Drink and eat all of the junk food and drink
  • Take a shower
  •  Play with the trampolines and mats
  •  Be tired 
  •  Look at the clock and see that there is five hours till casa am opens
  •  Make slime 
  •  Go to sleep and set an alarm for 6 am
  •  Wake up
  •  Hide
  •  Do a jump scare on Phillip
  •  Get mad at Phillip
  •  Go to my clubhouse and start my normal casa day
  •  I go home and tell my mom
  •  My mom goes crazy
  •  I never go to casa again 


Sofia’s Photos

Chess at Casa

This is two campers chess game. There is a chess class in fourth period taught by Jimmy. The two campers playing this game are Ari and Joaquin.

Sofia chess.JPG

Work Out

        This is a fourth period class called Fitness, Gymnastics and Fun. This is them doing a workout. The teachers show the campers the workout and the campers do it.

Sofia work.JPG


This is the fourth period. This fourth period is softball. This camper ready to bat.

Sofia softball.JPG

Sylvie Carlin’s Posts

 Harry Potter and his Acceptance Letter

Harry Potter’s mother and father die because of Lord Voldemort. He was sent to his evil non-magical Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and cousin Dursley. When he was 11, Hogwarts tried to send him letters to try to go to Hogwarts School of Magic. It didn’t work so they sent Hagrid, a giant wizard, to give him the letter it said:                                        

    Dear, Mr.Potter  

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Please find an enclosed book of all necessary books and equipment.

The term begins on 1 september. We await your owl no later then 31 July. 

Your’s sincerely

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmiss


The Tiny Pineapple 

Once there was a tiny pineapple alone in the woods with no mother. So he went out to find his mother. So he hopped to a cab. He told the cab driver “take me to the airport sir.”So he did. In the airport he found a flight to Miami where his mother disappeared.He was so tiny he didn’t need a ticket. He sat next to a lady who smelled like Brussel sprouts his enemy. 

Tyler Townsend’s Posts

Spooky Racecar

Spooky race car…    the year 2000 there was a very spooky race car. all the race car drivers refused to drive in it especially bob the pro race car driver now lets talk about him instead of this stupid spooky racecar. So pretty much the reason he was a pro race car driver is because he once piloted a war cruiser out of a horde of alien spaceships. the year was 1999 and bob had just finished brushing his teeth and getting dressed for work when 20 armed men jumped into his bathroom and tackled him then one held up a silver stick and it  flashes bright light in his eyes then he blacked out is that a men in black reference? So the next thing that happened was not important but pretty much he was recruited by the government to defeat some alien and he was introduced to his partner a mechanical fox and his other partners some humans when they were suiting up and putting armor on then suddenly one of his human partners morphed into a ugly alien… and sucked the living soul out of one of his other partners with some quick thinking the mechanical fox grabbed a ray gun and blew up the alien. Very quickly they ran throught the government hangar and boarded the spaceship in an instant they flew all the way across the country to florida first they checked the subway “believe it or not 80% of subway workers are ailens” they walked through the checkpoint and the subway worker gave them a nasty look one of his partners gave him a glare back and he morphed into an alien luckily bob pulled out a laser pistol and blasted him soon more aliens came from the subway and chased them they all got into their  ship and flew away but more alien spaceships chased them with one quick twist of the joystick their ship came to a deadstop and the alien ships flew past and came off their tail. So back to the present day the second bob saw the race car he called in his friends at the goverment and destroyed the race car the end


A Letter to Tyler’s Future Self

Dear, me how is life? Are you a super cheap investor and gamer like I predicted? I predicted that in 50 years the world would turn into a post apocalyptic wasteland. but after all you really can’t make a living as a gamer when the world is post apocalyptic. But let’s go to another one of my theories Is the world in a future state and literally no one does anything and robots do everything for me like drive me around and clean my house and build new buildings and if so my investor prediction would really work so write to me and confirm the end. love past you




William Crawford’s Posts

Locked In Casa

It’s 6:00 and everyone is gone. That’s weird, I think. I go to the front doors to leave. Locked. I think to myself, why are they locked? Joe must have left early. He forgot about me. I check my phone but it’s out of battery. I search the school to see if anyone is still here. I look out on the field, I go to the kitchen and the staff lounge. Then I search every clubhouse. I’m the only one in casa. I calculate quickly. The doors open at 7:00 a.m. and it’s 6:00 p.m. That means I have 13 hours in casa by myself. I’m hungry so I go to the kitchen. I cook some poulet. That takes an hour so then I make some cookies. 11 hours left. I go to the pottery room and make a giant 3,000 pound ball of clay. I go to fire the clay. The only problem is that I don’t know how to use it. The kiln breaks. It’s almost bedtime so I go to alll the clubhouses and take the couches. After a lot of work I make a huge fort in the hallway. I’m about to go to bed but then I think they need to pay for leaving me here. So I go clubhouse to clubhouse trashing everything. First I go to clubhouse 6, my clubhouse. And I take the chairs and throw them all over the place. Then I go to clubhouse 5 and throw the books everywhere. In all the other clubhouses I throw the desks all over the place. Then I go to the gym and empty out the closet, heaving everything on the gym floor. I throw everything backstage and put it onstage. Then I go to the drama room and trash it. Then I go to Philips Office and throw all his important documents all over the place. Then I grab one of the computers and watch netflix until I go to sleep in my Fort. I get woken up at around 7:30 by the sound of some front desk people.’


Character Reveal

Spiderman is a very interesting character. He has a lot of cool powers. He was bit by a radioactive spider. Spiderman protects his neighborhood in Queens, New York. He shoots webs and has super strength and he has spidey sense which lets him see everything without his eyes. He lives with his Aunt May because his parents died in a plane crash when he was six. His uncle was shot by a robber. Spiderman goes on a lot of misssions. Spiderman went on many missions and defeated many evildoers like the Green Goblin. Spiderman is a very cool superhero and he has a great personality.

Annabelle Stark’s Blog Posts

The Slimy Platypus

Once there was a platypus who loved slime and was swimming in an ordinary lake. And then saw a weird piece of sand on the bottom of the lake and so the platypus decided to explore so he did. When he got to the bottom of the lake he saw the weird piece of sand and swam closer to investigate then when he tried to reach it,it was almost like it swam away , So the platypus swam after it. Then the platypus fell luckily some seaweed saved it’s fall. Then when the platypus opened its eyes it couldn’t see the blob anymore. So it swam to try and find the blob. Then it saw the blob transformed into an arrow pointing forward. So the platypus swam forward. Then the platypus saw a slime land full of slime and then got covered with slime. And that is how he got his name slimy platypus.

                                                                     The End!                        


 Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan was born on July 2 1989 in San Dimas,California.She grew up in Diamond Bar, California.She started playing soccer at 13 years-old.She went to College at University of California.Alex Morgan’s favorite color is pink.Her favorite food is mexican.She likes the beach.She has been in commercials.She scored 6 goals and 3 assists in the 2019 women’s world cup.On freetime she paddleboards,writes,exercises,and spends time with family.Right now she is 30 and lives with Servando Carrasco.One of her best friends is Megan Rapinoe,also on the women’s USA soccer like Alex Morgan. Those are some facts about Alex Morgan!      


Locked Inside CASA                           

It was a normal night at an ordinary house.there was a kid named Izzie Harborne  sleeping in a bed at the house and RING it was morning when the kid woke up and noticed that the bed she sleeps in was gone and there was a big lock on a door in front of her that said Welcome to CASA at Sheridan School the girl was confused she asked herself,”how did I get here?”

She thought in her head I bet I will be late.

She started to explore even though she went to CASA for camp but she thought that it might be different with nobody here well at least she thought nobody was there. She saw Taylor (Tay-tay) and Shanyah (Shay-Shay) Through the staff lounge window and wondered what they were doing,though she knew she was not allowed in the staff lounge so she figured that she should go try to get out of CASA and figure out the combination on the lock on the door.When she walked back she saw her friend Annabelle Stark and she was also trying to get out of CASA then they noticed a big piece of paper on the window next to the door that said,if you are locked inside of CASA and trying to figure out the combination use this password,CASA 2019!

So in the lock they put: C-A-S-A 2-0-1-9! and they pushed the door open and a bunch of kids ran in and they both said at the same time,I guess we weren’t late after all!

                                                                     The End!      


The Superhero

It was a night time and there was a girl named _________ and she was wearing an Alex Morgan jersey and soccer cleats and shin-guards and Nike shorts.And then she heard a scream outside and then went outside to see what was happening .Don’t worry she said to herself it was just her neighbor so she went back to bed.  Then in the morning she woke up and then flew around in her Alex Morgan blanket that was really soft and was magical.Then she saw a girl playing soccer and could barley dribble the ball and also barley keep the ball near her.So she flew down to the girl and then showed her a trick and then said bye to the girl and went on her way.

She went back home to eat lunch and then heard another scream and then this time it was just her mom smelling her dirty socks.

                                                                     The End!


Animal Breakdown

Once there was a security guard who was working at the zoo. And then he heard a loud stomping noise. then the boss of the zoo came out of his office to see what all the noise was about his office was right near the seals cage so then he could see the seals while he was relaxing. When the boss came out of his office he said to the security guard,”Where have all the animals gone? you want money right?” 

The security guard answered,”Yes sir.”

The boss then said,”Get back to work and get the animals back where they where.”

So the security guard looked for the animals and looked and looked until he heard a loud stomping noise again like before but even louder this time.Then he saw a shadow and then a roar then he found a lion and then brought it back to the lions cage and then told his boss,”Very good now go find another animal”

“Okay” he said.Then he found a seals a tiger monkeys and that was all the animals.

His boss was very impressed and gave him a card that said,boss for a day.

                                                                   The End!


An Amazing day at CASA! 

Today in CASA blog we took pictures of some period 4 classes! Here are some of them.

img_2704This class is Modern Dance period 4, 1-3 taught by Kayla Alfonso also known as (Kay-kay) and Taylor Johnson also known as (Tay-tay) and there cit is Nina Young and they are working on there Modern Dance,Dance.

img_2728This is a picture of a cit named Shanyah (Shay-Shay) Cooke hula-hooping in fitness gymnastics and fun.

img_2698This is a photo of fitness, gymnastics, and fun stretching. 

img_2714-1This is a picture of 3-D art working on something with Crystal De La Torre and Jasmine Stevenson. 

img_2717-3This is Joe Noyes eating at the CASA p.m. table on sports day.

img_2723This one is a special photo of my best friend named Izzie Harborne doing a handstand in, you guessed it, Fitness, gymnastics, and fun.



Joaquin Munoz’s Blog Posts

GAGA of Doom


Once long ago in the ages of the homes under water there was Gaga Ball. Underwater there were 5 big competitors: slammer the seahorse, sling the starfish, jack the great white shark, jess the sting ray, jake the octopus. Everyone was ready to hit everyone and it was intense. When it started, slammer did a really big hit with his tail on jack but it missed and instead it hit sling which was sad because the ball hit his tentacles.

It was really hard and dangerous for everyone who joined and so many people had been too scared. Some people like goofy were underwater with a scuba diving mask and were selling hot dogs with sides of clams. In the gaga, animals were playing really hard and jack did a huge hit to jake but he missed it and it almost hit slammer but missed! The gaga ball game was still going on and it was still intense. The ball was in the air and jack hit everyone when it got to him, Then there were still 3 seconds left “3,2,1’’ the crowd said. The games were over and jack won the golden trophy ball and everyone left gaga and went home in the sea.


Aurelien the superpower


It was the dawn of the days where Aurelien the crusher had to beat slammer in a baking contest. When the juged announced they were doing a superpower match. Aurelien had the power using masters from kung fu panda. The one who was going against Aurelein was named jack and his power was animals. So Aurelien went first and he did master croc and master croc hit jack with his tail. Jack turned into an elephant and hit Aurelien with his trunk but aurelien used master croc and blocked with his sword. Then Aurelien did master porcupine and the double badger twins and hit him with a bamboo stick and knocked him out. 

Now jack was knocked out and couldn’t turn into animals, and Aurelien won and everyone started cheering. Aurelien got a medal and a trophie and got out of the stadium and went to a resturant to have dinner before he went home.




It was a dark and stormy night in CASA when I was relaxing in the office playing video games. Then I went to have dinner in the cafeteria.

But suddenly the doors were closed before I could have gone outside to have popsicles because it was so hot. Also, I was really scared and I had to hide somewhere like under the chairs before, at 9 o’clock pm, the ghosts came out. But unfortunately, a ghost scared me out of nowhere. But I was not scared anymore because I faced my fears and so I killed all the ghost with my machine gun that I made in art room before I had lunch. 

After, I wasn’t scared anymore and used my brain to figure out how I could get out. I used 2 chairs and a desk, and so I tried to get on the ceiling tiles but I failed. Then I got in and climbed and I finally did it. I got out and it was good fresh air after sweating inside for 8 hours.





Once long ago, in the ages of time, there I was doing my zoo keeper job. When all of a sudden I thought “what if I had a day off?”

So there I was leaving the zoo but I wanted to see some of the animals. So I went to see the seals, the lions, the elephants and monkeys. Then I left and I went to play video games in David Busters. Also, the video games were so cool.

Suddenly the animals escaped from the door because the lions convinced a monkey to open their cage by giving him banana and so they got out! Also, after they escaped they went into the city and crushed everything. But in the building where I was there was a window and people could see out of the it, so I saw the mess and went outside and I saw animals from the zoo. Also, since I was a zookeeper, zookeepers get special gadgets. So I raced downstairs after I got my tickets and toys and food and got downstairs. I used my super whistle and calm the animals that got out of the zoo, for instance the seals, lions, elephants and the monkeys. So I tamed the animals and got  them to go back zoo and in their cages. Last, I went back to my home and ate dinner and then I went to bed.




If I were a superhero I would be The Changer…

Long ago, I was just a boy walking through the city alone, but out of nowhere I got hit by a magical brick wall. I was hurt really badly.

But then I got powers! And now I can change into animals and water and now my secret name is changer. I fight crime but there are a lot of villains. For instance, the harp monkeys, joker and his henchmen, and the gooey monster. But sometimes it’s just robbers and other evil masterminds with henchmen. 

When I was still testing out my powers there was a robbery in the bamboo forest. I went as fast as I could so I Changed into a cheetah and then a falcon. Then, I was at the Bamboo forest and the joker was there with his henchmen and they were stealing the magical goo out of the bamboo, but before he could finish I transformed into a kangaroo and took the bad clowns out with my foot. Then, I turned into a wave and took the gun out of the joker’s hands (that gun was for sucking the magical goo out). Then, I turned into a seal and a bear so I could jump like a seal and then turn into a bear and crush the clowns, but then  the joker shot a laffy taffy at me and also that made me stick to the ground but I couldn’t use my animal powers so I used my water power got out of the sticky laffy taffy and hit joker with my skunk power and and hit joker he smelled gross! Then I use my anteater power and took all the sap of the goo gun and put the sap back into the bamboo tree. Last, I turn into a hawk and went back to the street where I can get some candy from a shop and get home so I can go home have dinner and go to sleep. 



Joaquin Photos

img_0090I love this picture because I love getting pictures of myself.

img_0097I love this picture because it looks so cool of the fox.

img_0081I love this picture of the creation of what the harry potter class is doing.

img_0093I like this picture because I love the pictures of the counselors

img_0098I love this picture because it looks really cool of the picture of the fox on the log.

img_0095I took this awesome picture because I love my counselors and because it was funny

img_0086-1-1I took this because I want to know what clubhouse 5 looks like.  

img_0092-1I took this picture because I want to know what the cooking class looks like.